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Mobile Monday article on AWT website Posté le 12/11/2008 sur

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Last week Laurent Kinet (co-founder and board member of cleverwood) and Roald Sieberath gave a Friday Afternoon Session about the enterprise 2.0: What is it? Laurent Kinet explained that whether we like or not, enterprise 2.0 is going to happen in our organization. Also, Enterprise 2.0 covers a tangible reality that goes beyond technology and […]

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BLYK or EXQI. Strange words that symbolize innovation in Belgian New Media landscape. What’s interesting in these initiatives is that, unlike most of the pure online players, they’re operated by media people who are looking for new models, based on advertising revenues. Indeed, profitability, and thus possibilities of getting sufficient budget from advertisers, is the […]

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Google recently announced on its official blog the launch of the interest-based advertising and hopes to offer a better user experience for each stakeholder in the process: the advertisers, publishers and the Google users. The principle is quite simple: each time a user googles a keyword, a number of specific interests-based commercial ads will be displayed […]

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Tomorrow, Brussels and Paris Girl Geeks go to London, kindly invited by Eurostar to enjoy low pound shopping and a gathering with London Girl Geeks. Cleverwood, in partnership with Rolling Talks, designed, adviced on technologies and managed the whole project for Eurostar. Based on our know-how of the mobile usage in Belgium and the very […]