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Value chainOn Friday 9th of October, Fabian Tilmant, senior mobile consultant, presented a tool he has been working on for a long time already and notably in New York, at the Institute for Media and Entertainment: the value chain of the digital information distribution.

He explained that from broadcast television to Fabian Tilmantonline media, from gaming to radio, all media can be analysed through this Information Value Chain. This model allows understanding New (ways of using) Media successful strategies, recent repositioning and biggest failure. It enables to point out the reasons why some corporate strategies consist to take the largest possible place in the information value chain. After an hour of presentation, Fabian proposed the attendees to share ideas by making short “use cases” on the topic.

Google, Apple, Belgacom, IPM, Rossel, HTC, Microsoft… we de- and re-constructed their presence on the entire chain during the interactive part of the session.

Pictures are here and you can download the 1-pager summary here.

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