Your partner in New Media

Cleverwood helps you manage your digital presence in the ways that make sense to your customers. We start out by identifying your target audience, and proceed to adapting your communications content to the intricate patchwork of online channels and platforms.

Most effective channels and strategies

Creating awareness about your product or activity, and getting through the information clutter on the web can be a daunting task. We use our expertise in new media to help you select the best combination of channels and strategies that will deliver the highest value to you and to your customers.

The entire value chain

New media is fundamentally crossing your departments, it’s not just about communications or marketing, it’s also the way you do after sales, the way you recruit, your corporate social responsibility activities and your PR activities that are impacted by the new ways of working. Each of your departments can get the most out of new media to form the perfect orchestra.

A clear service offering

Our services can be summarized in the following 3 ways. Our Consulting unit advises clients. Our Factory team delivers your digital presence, such as web sites or Facebook pages. Finally, our Learning Hub is the place to go to find download material and training courses.